21st Century Transportation & Container Whiz

Today, don’t let anyone catch you with your trousers down to your knees. In this here highly competitive industrial age, do not let anyone, most of them being your competitors or rivals, but critically, they are your customers too, catch you off-guard, ill-prepared for what’s coming next. Here’s a very good example. While you’re busy loading your container, lucky for you that you even have this job, someone else out there has already used his online container loading calculator and gone and loaded a lot more than you could have ever imagined.

container loading calculator

While you are still stuck between containers, maybe now you are wondering to yourself just how is this whiz kid pulling this scheme off. After all, he hasn’t had nearly as much experience in the transportation and cargo loading biz as you have. You would have thought that if anyone needed to do some catching up, it would have to be him. He’s still got a way to go in terms of industrial expertise and that being said; catching up to you. Now, in this golden era of the Fourth Industrial revolution and what they are calling the internet of (doing) things, now is not the time to be snarky.

Now is not the time to be complacent. Now is not the time to rest on your proverbial laurels. Not that you’ve been doing any of that these days because in case you haven’t already noticed, it’s you that’s got all this catching up to do. But fortunately for you, this is going to be easy-peazy. It’s going to be a smooth ride for you going forward. First thing to do is to just download the software you’re going to need already. And then start learning how to use the calculator already.